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'clean solutions' a moderate risk waste facility

Chelan County



Chelan County determined that instead of holding individual hazardous waste events, it would focus on finding a long-term solution. The result consisted of opening a designated location – called a moderate risk waste facility – that is open year-round for local residents and small quantity generators. The 5,200 square foot facility was constructed for nearly $1.3 million, and processes used motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, paints, and rechargeable batteries. 

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Clean Solutions, a Moderate Risk Waste Facility_Chelan County


A major design goal of ‘green’ stormwater management achieved by this project, involved the incorporation of low-impact development practices to serve as a beta-test for future County best management practice (BMP) design standards. This includes limiting the amount of impervious surface to be constructed, providing open green space with native landscaping accustomed to the environment, and utilizing green space to convey and treat the stormwater generated onsite. Our team’s solution for stormwater runoff treatment and control provides pervious pavements and an easily accessible shallow vegetated pond.

Pacific Engineering served on the design team and was responsible for development of the 1-acre site and structural design of the facility. The facility houses a drive-up waste drop-off area, an open container storage area, materials testing, merging, and packaging center, sizeable storage area, and additional administrative (office and retail) space.


Clean Solutions opened in December 2019 with the help of Chelan County and the Cities of Wenatchee, Cashmere, Leavenworth, Entiat and Chelan. Together, along with financial help from Washington State, the entities were able to give local citizens a safe, year-round solution for disposing of household hazardous waste. 

Clean Solutions, a Moderate Risk Waste Facility


" We could not have completed this project without the help of our community partners...This facility is a great example of what a community can accomplish when strong partnerships are formed. "

Eric Pierson - Director/County Engineer (Chelan County Public Works)

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